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Stitch Me Right (SMR) is a Christian-based dynamic powerhouse in the realm of business coaching and consultancy, with a sharp focus on the clothing industry. What sets us apart is not just the services we offer, but how we uniquely tailor these comprehensive solutions, innovatively fusing them with our client's creative visions to catapult them toward their ambitious business goals.

At SMR, we believe in the power of a solid foundation. That's why our comprehensive 90-day program incorporates thorough meticulous business audits, strategic planning, and implementation of concrete standard operating procedures committed to helping you ‘sew’ your path to success. But we go beyond the traditional business framework, delving deeper into the heart of your enterprise, and nurturing its roots for sustainable and robust growth.

Our holistic approach to business development intertwines personal growth coaching with a dash of creative innovation. Our coaching, deeply rooted in biblical principles, emphasizes that the growth of a business is intrinsically linked to the personal growth of its owner.

Whether you have brick & mortar stores, mobile or online shops we focus on results for our clients. We believe in harnessing their creativity, transforming it into a tangible asset that drives the success of their businesses. We serve as navigators, guiding them through the maze of the clothing industry, and helping them to visualize, strategize, and actualize their unique ideas into successful, profitable ventures. 

As part of our expansive offering, SMR opens up an extensive network of resources to our clients, including industry-leading manufacturing partners and a team of seasoned experts.

Additionally, we currently provide enriching educational resources such as an eBook, audiobook, and a Mastery Course. These are designed to equip our clients with cutting-edge knowledge and insights, empowering them to flourish in the ever-evolving clothing industry.

We are known to overdeliver; therefore, we’ll go the extra mile. We broaden our reach with public speaking events and mastermind groups, ensuring inclusivity with bilingual services in English and Spanish. At SMR, we believe in embracing diversity and empowering all businesses, regardless of language or location.

In essence, Stitch Me Right is not just a consultancy, but a devoted partnership. We are here to help you build your own 'Eiffel Tower' - a timeless, enduring testament to your creative vision and success in the industry.

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