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Literally, Get Stitched Right ----- Absolutely Free

Move Your Needle

A Faith-Based Blueprint for

Clothing Entrepreneurs


Access To Celebrities' Manufacturers With Our Complimentary List  

Featuring over 75 Direct Action Steps & Packed with More than 300 Resources

And MORE...

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Behind The Scenes Renowned Industry Expert
Yesi Lavin 

As Yesi Lavin expands her horizon to empower entrepreneurs across various industries, she leaves a lasting legacy in the clothing business with her comprehensive guide,

A Faith-Based Guide to Building a Thriving Clothing Business.


With over a decade of experience in optimizing production workflows and pioneering sales strategies alongside top industry leaders, Yesi distills her profound insights into actionable steps.


This guide serves as her parting gift to her full-time dedication in the clothing industry, providing you with the essential tools to transform your vision into a thriving business.

Bonus Pack

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Complete eBook Access with Interactive Guide.

Discover why many clothing businesses falter and learn strategies to ensure your success.

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Insider Fabric Mill Insights.

Gain exclusive insights into a fabric mill with unique rights to some of the finest Italian & English mills, offering access to low yardage orders!

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Personalized Pathway.

Embark on your strategic journey with our 'Getting Alterations' questionnaire, designed to tailor your personal and professional goals, uncover roadblocks, and pave the way for actionable growth strategies. 

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Exclusive Resource List

Access an exclusive list of contacts including:

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Suit Manufacturers

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​Upcycle Fabric Mills

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Popular White-Label Companies

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Print-on-demand Companies 

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Drop Shipping Shopify list

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Manufacturers used by celebrities like Marc Jacobs, Kim Kardashian, Adidas, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren and More!

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I founded Stitch Me Right not merely to sew pieces of fabric together, but to mend the very foundation of my mindset and career.

Realizing that I wasn’t alone in needing this transformative alteration in my life, I created this platform to extend the same help to others like you.

Here, I offer everything you need to align your vision with practical success. It’s time to transform your vision into victory, tailor your business's path with precision and faith.


Embark on your journey at the crossroads of

passion, proficiency, and profitability.

~Yesi Lavin

'Stitch Me Right' is used metaphorically to refine and enhance both your mindset and business strategies.  


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