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Stitching You Right - From The Inseam Out

Based in the Heart of the Fashion World, NYC Yesi was born in the Bronx, raised in New Bedford, MA.

It all started in vocational high school, with a desire for Cosmetology, Yesi landed in Clothing & Textiles. With no desire to end up "like some old lady" in front of a sewing machine, she begged her parents to take her out of this vocational program and put her in a "normal high school". They agreed but only after a one-week trial, that’s when she found a true passion in the garment world, and the rest is history.

During her senior year, she was already working in the field! She landed an internship where she was working with a ladypreneur specializing in custom corsets and alterations only going to school every other week for academics. This required Yesi commuting two hours a day to work in the business at such a young age. Upon graduation, Yesi ranked in the top three and graduated with highest honors.

Entering college, she decided to skip out on the famous Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and moved to Miami and continued her mastery within garments and textiles. She graduated from Ai International University of Miami of Art & Design and supported herself managing retail stores. She eventually found herself moving back to the northeast and was hired in customizing promotional items and branding, which opened up the doors to custom clothing back in NYC.

Yesi's career really started to take shape when she took a job in a factory that manufactured custom luxury suits for men and top global designers including Tom Browne. She worked herself up to become the head of production and created a system to efficiently manufacture more clothing.

As the United States started losing more and more clothing manufacturing to overseas resources, she began to work with more tailors, implementing systems for their production. She managed the tailor shop in Brioni NY, a brand that has been legendary for more than 75 years. This brought her to obtain a deeper experience behind the scenes with luxury fabrics. She was then called to work as an Account Executive with one of the top luxury fabric manufacturers, the name behind the names, Gladson Ltd., who had been providing fine cloths for the custom tailoring trade for more than 50 years.

Through her extensive experience and exposure, she had discovered her true niche lies within consulting and developing systems to build successful businesses. She had the advantage of seeing how one brand is extremely successful while another was not and it has little to do with the product itself.

The pandemic was her launching pad to step away from the corporate structure of the fashion world and uncover her true passion within this industry. You can’t win a race if you don’t know where the starting line is. Yesi facilitates your clothing line from concept to the runway. She helps bring that vision and dream to reality and helps her clients cut through struggles and challenges.

Success loves Speed. You could have the greatest concept for a clothing line but without the proper resources, you are dead in the water. You could figure it out on your own and build a brand and build a team but you will lose time. You don't know what you don't know.

Yesi can show you how to get off on the right foot from the start or fast track your existing garment business. Whatever the path you want to take, Yesi is here to help you get you there. Saving you time and ultimately money. Yesi will not only help you get you on track but also can help you with protecting your intellectual property as well. Her team can easily guide you through all the process and logistics your business needs to be and stay successful.  There's really no limit to Yesi and her growing team. Get involved. Yesi can't wait to help you stitch your vision and business together 

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MR Magazine: Celebrating Women’s History Month with Gladson New York, Huddersfield Fine Worsteds, and the Falconer Agency by shining a spotlight on the talented women designers, tailors, custom clothiers, and stylists who are making waves in menswear custom clothing. 

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Meet Yesi Rodriguez, our newest Account Executive at Gladson Ltd.

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MR Magazine: Gladson celebrates the new Manhattan showroom with Vitale Barberis Canonico. 

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